1988, The Lost Idol (ทองภาค 3)

Chris and James fighting Vietnamese

Chris and James Phillips at Helicopter

Chris and mercenaries as POWs on truck

Chris' bar-fight 1

Chris' bar-fight 2

Chris' bar-fight 3

Chris' bar-fight 4

Chris' Helicopter Stunt

Chris shooting M60

Chris throwig a grenade

Leading the troop,Gold III

Chris,James Phillips,Erik Estrada

Chris,James Phillips,Kung and Joke

Chris with M 60


1989, Mission Hunter I (เพชรฆาตเดนสงคราม)

Chris pushing cart

Chris fighting with Choke


Chris with M60

Chris with M 16

Chris with M 60

Chris shooting M 60

Chris picks up tank grendade

Chris pushing burning cart

Chris with firy tree stump


1990,In Gold We Trust (ทองภาค 4)

Chris about to grab Jan Michae

Chris and JAmes Phillips

Chris and Jan Michael Vincent

Chris with remote control device

Chris at Jeff's Camp

Chris checking M 60 at Jeff's Camp

Chris gets scolding from Sam Jones

Chris leading mercenary troupe

Chris shooting John Point

Chris with Dean and other mercenary

Chris with Jan and Sam Jones at Jeff's camp

Chris with other mercenaries

Chris and Sam arguing

Sam, James,Chris with safe

James,Sam,Jan, Chris

Chris,Sam,James and Donnie


1993, Devil's War (ปีศาจสงคราม)

Chris and Bin

Chris carries child

Chris cheering up little child

Chris comforting child

Chris in dark jungle

Chris in the water

Fight in the water 1

Fight in the water 2

Devil's War, Front Cover

1995,Mission Hunter II (เพชรฆาตเดนสงคราม ภาค 2)

Chris and friends

Chris with his team 1

Chris with his team 2

Chris with his team 3

Fight with Forest Ghost

Fight with Aboriginees

Fight with aboriginee leader